Broken tooth or broken or lost filling

Dental Health Advice

What problems can having a broken tooth or broken/lost filling cause?

Breaking something on your tooth or filling can result in:


The toothache can range from a mild sensitivity to an excruciating pain. The milder the pain generally the less damaged the nerve in the tooth is and the less urgent the problem. However, if left un-treated, a mild pain can develop into a severe toothache with greater long-term consequences for the tooth.

Leakage of bacteria into the tooth and nerve

A broken tooth or filling that doesn’t result in immediate toothache will often lead to delayed problems if left un-treated. Bacteria leaking into the exposed tooth can result in damage to the nerve within the tooth which can lead to death of the tooth and major problems long-term such as the development of a dental abscess.

What treatment options do I have?

Depending on the individual tooth circumstances, treatment options can range from fillings, crowns or onlays/veneers, root canal treatments or in the worse cases, an extraction.

How can the247dentist help? A broken tooth or filling should be assessed as soon as possible to ensure the best possible outcome. The247dentist can provide either a temporary solution, or a definitive long-term filling to ensure that any toothache is dealt with promptly and reduce the risk of the tooth needing future root canal treatment or removal. In the worst case scenarios, extraction of the broken tooth can be provided promptly to avoid further pain or problems