Advice for Protecting Children’s Teeth

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A children’s dental emergency is the last thing any parent wants, and while general bumps and scrapes are all a part of growing up, serious children’s dental emergencies can be avoided with the right care from both you and your child. 

What can cause a children’s dental emergency?

There are a number of factors that can contribute to a children’s dental emergency; looking out for these and knowing how to appropriately intervene will help to prevent serious issues from childhood through to adulthood!

Read our tips and tricks on protecting your child’s teeth…

Dental Hygiene

As always, a good hygiene routine is the best way to avoid damage and decay – this should start as soon as your child gets their first tooth, and be monitored up until they are old enough to care for their teeth by themselves. Remember to floss and brush with a fluoride toothpaste for 2 minutes twice a day, morning and at bedtime – teaching your child this habit from a young age will help to prevent a world of issues as they get older!

Dummies and Pacifiers

Did you know that dummies can increase the risk of misaligned teeth and a children’s dental emergency? Of course, we don’t recommend never using them, however it’s important to use ones with an orthodontic shape to minimise damage and protect your child’s teeth as they grow.

Food and Drinks

A children’s dental emergency may be caused by too many sweets and treats, which results in tooth decay and cavities needing a filling to resolve. By limiting sweets and chocolates, and swapping acidic juices or fizzy drinks for milk or water is always a good idea! The increased calcium can help to strengthen your growing child’s bones and teeth. 

During the times that your little ones do enjoy a nice treat, it’s best to encourage the use of a straw for all fizzy and acidic drinks. 

What to do for your children’s dental emergency?

If you notice your child is experiencing unusual dental pain or trauma to the mouth it is essential you book an emergency dental appointment to get it checked out by an expert. Leaving decay can result in further damage and infection in your little one’s teeth and mouth.


Also known as “holes in the teeth” cavities are a common children’s dental emergency. If you notice cavities, or your child is mentioning sensitivity or pain in their teeth, it is best to get it checked out by an emergency dentist. 

While they are small, dental cavities are an easy children’s dental emergency to fix. However, if left untreated they can result in serious damage to your child’s teeth and mouth. Treatment typically includes a small filling to restore the shape, and function of the teeth, keeping them healthy through adulthood (or, if the primary teeth have been treated, keeping them healthy until the secondary/adult teeth come through).

Broken or Lost Teeth

With all the bumps and scrapes that come with growing up, a children’s dental emergency may not always be avoidable! If your children experience dental trauma, broken, or lost teeth (that aren’t baby teeth falling out) then it is crucial you visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible. The longer it is left the harder it may be to resolve the issue.

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Misaligned Teeth

While misaligned teeth are not necessarily a dental emergency, they can result in plaque build up or damage, depending on the severity of your child’s misalignment  If you are concerned about the alignment of your children’s teeth, you can book with a general dentist to discuss orthodontics such as braces or Invisalign treatment to get them resolved before they reach their adult years.

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