How To Book an Emergency Dentist Appointment

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Dental emergencies can present themselves in many forms, and being assessed by a dentist promptly can often prevent the situation from worsening. But first, it’s essential to understand what type of dentist appointment is best for you and how you can book it. 

Different methods for booking

Unlike your typical routine dentist visit, at The 247 Dentist, we have a wide range of different options for booking an emergency dentist appointment, including face-to-face appointments and even online dental consultations. Meaning you can find the one that suits you and your situation. 

Call freephone for an appointment

It can be difficult to find the time to arrange an emergency dentist appointment in your busy life, especially without needing to book time off work.

Our emergency dentist clinics are available out-of-hours and on weekends, including Bank Holidays. Because a dental emergency typically won’t strike at a convenient time, having a dentist with out-of-hours service ensures that you receive quick and effective help.

All you need to do is contact our emergency dentists on 03301 759995 to book an out of hours face-to-face dental appointment. We have a growing network of clinics with highly qualified dentists ready to provide you with speedy, expert treatment. 

Walk into the nearest clinic and book

If you’re happy to be seen during regular hours, we also work with a considerable number of partner practices across the UK, helping patients find emergency appointments at normal times.

We have locations in; Southampton, Brighton, Poole, Sutton, Gloucester, and Essex, with plans for more. Find the nearest emergency clinic and plot your route to it. 

Walk into whichever clinic best suits you, and a member of the team will be able to book you in at a convenient time. Our team are equipped to provide you with urgent dental service safely and efficiently.

Book a Video Dentist Appointment

If you’re not sure whether you have a dental emergency and think you would benefit from speaking to an experienced specialist to find out, an online dental consultation might be the solution for you. 

Online dental consultations are a great option if you can’t find a listed emergency dentist near you. Our expert dentists are available via video for online dental consultations at a time that suits you, right from the comfort of your own home. 

Our expert dentists are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assess your dental issue and ascertain its urgency. They can even help treat it with home care suggestions or by prescribing antibiotics that you can pick up within minutes from your local pharmacy. 

Our online dental consultations start at just £85. To book a slot, call our video team on 03301 656566, and they will book you in at a suitable time.

What to expect in your emergency appointment?

Now you know the three best methods to get your dental emergency seen as soon as possible, what can you expect when you arrive for your appointment. 

At The 247 Dentist, we treat thousands of dental emergencies every year, which means we have a lot of knowledge in understanding what dental problems can arise and how to best treat them. 

Our experienced dental team have access to the latest, high-end equipment, which allows our dentists to provide quick but effective treatment for any dental emergency. Once you have been comprehensively checked and given a diagnosis, you will receive a bespoke treatment plan. This plan will clearly outline the costs of your emergency dental treatment to ensure you are happy before undergoing any procedures.

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