Can Dentists do Online Consultations?

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Can dentists do online consultations? Yes, absolutely! At The 247 Dentist, we can provide online dental consultations for emergency needs when you’re unable to visit a dentist for an in-person appointment. Online dentist UK appointments are available throughout the day at a time best suited to your calendar, before booking a video dentist appointment there are a few things you’ll need to consider!

When to book an online dentist appointment

An online dentist appointment should be used for emergencies only. If you are unable to receive the support you need for a dental problem in person, or are shielding/self-isolating then speaking with an online dentist is the perfect solution to improve your condition and give you the necessary help to recover!

If you are in serious, ongoing pain, have broken or lost a tooth, have excessive bleeding, or believe you may be suffering from an abscess, we highly recommend booking an emergency dental appointment in a clinic as soon as possible. Find your nearest dental centre and we will aim to provide a same-day appointment to resolve your needs

If you’re looking for a regular dental appointment in your area give us a call – or contact our host clinics directly for a general check up.

What online dentists can help with 

An online dentist (UK) can help with a range of issues regarding your dental emergency. 

These video consultations allow you to discuss your problem directly with a professional, who will assess your teeth via webcam and provide the necessary advice and steps you should take to improve your condition. They will also alert you on the severity of your case, and if needed, advise on whether you should visit a dentist in person for treatment.

How our video dentist appointments work

When booking an online dentist UK appointment, it really is as simple as 1,2,3! Our video dentist process ensures you have an appointment at a time that best suits you and all the information you need to be prepared for your consultation:

  1. Call 03301 656566 to book an online dental appointment. Our team will provide a time slot and send you a secure link for you to complete a medical history form, as well as send you access to our online waiting room.
  2. Your video appointment will be scheduled to last 20-minutes, where you’ll be able to safely speak one to one with a fully qualified dentist who will provide safe solutions for your case. We recommend entering the online dentist UK waiting room around 10-minutes before your appointment to ensure you have enough time to discuss your concerns.
  3. If required, your dentist will prescribe antibiotics online, you can then collect your medication from the nearest pharmacy within minutes after your call.

This online dentist UK service costs £85, which includes the cost of issuing a prescription should this be required (please note, you will still need to pay for your prescribed medication at the pharmacy on collection). 

Our video dentist appointments use secure encrypted technology to ensure your safety and privacy, and can be conducted via laptop, tablet, or mobile phone without the need to download additional apps on your device.

How to prepare for your online dental consultation

In preparation for your online dentist appointment, you’ll need to ensure the following:

  • You have reliable internet access, and are in a well-lit area with little to no background noise.
  • Your chosen device has a working monitor and camera – this is essential as your dentist will need to clearly see your teeth and mouth.
  • If needed, you may need to use household items (like spoons) to retract your cheeks and lips to show the back of your mouth – it’s best to have these on hand during your call just in case you are required to use them!
  • Please ensure you have access to the phone and email address provided upon booking; if technical issues arise then your dentist will be able to contact you. 
  • Please note, if you have a number of issues to discuss with a dentist during your online consultation then you may be required to book more than 1 video appointment.
Online dentist UK providing a video dentist appointment online via video call

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