Treatment for Dental Trauma

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Dental trauma and injuries to the mouth can result in serious dental emergencies that require immediate attention. If you have experienced a dental injury, it is crucial that you visit an emergency dentist to avoid further damage or infection to your teeth, gums or jaw. Contact The 247 Dentist to find your nearest clinic and book an emergency dental appointment at your earliest convenience.

What is dental trauma?

Dental trauma is the physical injury of the teeth, gums, and bone, as well as any damage to the soft tissue of the mouth such as the lips and tongue. Dental trauma ranges in severity, treatment and urgency will differ subject to each case. However, the following injuries can be categorised as dental trauma:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Tooth/Root/Enamel fractures
  • Tooth subluxation (tooth knocked loose)
  • Tooth intrusion (tooth jammed into the socket)
  • Jaw fractures
  • Lacerations of the lips and/or gums

What causes dental trauma?

Trauma is usually the result of an accident or violent incident. This includes sporting accidents, falls, collision, and in violent cases, fighting.

When to see a dentist for trauma to the mouth

Urgency and treatment are dependent on the severity of each case. However, it is essential that you visit an emergency dentist and have your dental trauma examined, especially if your tooth has become loose or damaged.

If your teeth have sustained visible injuries, it is likely that neighbouring teeth with require examination for any undetected injuries. Even if you are not currently experiencing pain or visible damage from your dental injury, it is crucial that you undergo a dental exam and follow all precautions to ensure your health and safety is maintained.

Treatment for dental trauma can include:

  • Tooth coloured fillings – to restore chipped or fractured teeth
  • Bridges, crowns, or veneers – to replace or recover lost and damaged teeth
  • Root canal – a root canal may be required if the pulp is exposed
  • Tooth extraction – depending on the severity of your dental injury, a tooth extraction may be required
  • Dental implants – if your tooth has been knocked out you may be able to save it if you act fast. However, if the tooth is lost a dental implant may be required to replace it

Having a dental emergency?

Whether you have received experience dental trauma, an injury to the mouth or believe you may be having a dental emergency, contact The 247 Dentist to discuss appointments. Find your nearest location, or book an online consultation with our video dentist service for an in depth consultation. Our team will help determine the severity of your dental emergency and get you booked it for treatment at your earliest convenience.

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