What Is A Virtual Emergency Dentist Appointment?

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Being unable to visit an emergency dental clinic in person shouldn’t stop you from receiving the treatment you need. Book a virtual emergency dentist online to provide you with a more convenient alternative option to the traditional emergency dentist appointment.

Is a virtual emergency dentist appointment right for me?

An emergency online dentist appointment differs from a typical in-person appointment as it’s not something you get on a repeated frequency like your general checkup, but instead just when you need to be seen in an emergency and are unable to get to an emergency dental clinic. This is not to be used for cosmetic treatments but rather to help solve a problem, give home care advice, advise you on the urgency of your situation, or even remotely prescribe antibiotics.

If you have a dental issue and could benefit from speaking to an emergency dentist in a timely manner, booking a video consultation with an emergency dentist from the comfort of your own home can be a great way of assessing the severity of your dental emergency. 

How do I book an online dental consultation?

We are ready to help you 24/7, and it is super easy to book a dentist online. Simply phone our video team on 03301 656566, and they will book a suitable time slot for you. 

After your reservation has been made, you will receive a form to complete regarding your medical history, this ensures the emergency dentist is up to date with all relevant medical information prior to your video appointment. After this has been finished and submitted back, you will be sent a secure link to join The 247 Dentist’s online waiting room and let in at the allotted time.

What happens at the virtual emergency dentist consultation?

After you have booked an online emergency dentist, you will have a private 1:1 consultation with a dentist with years of experience managing dental emergencies. In this secure call, you can describe your dental problem in detail and even be examined by the dentist. They may request that you use some spoons to keep your mouth open, helping them look inside your mouth and identify your symptoms on the screen.

What are the benefits of booking a virtual emergency dentist appointment?


Not everyone has an emergency dentist local to them that they can quickly and easily reach. And even if they do, sometimes the waiting list can be far too long. Virtual emergency dentist appointments give you the ability to be seen from anywhere in the UK when you don’t have a local emergency dentist available quick enough. 

Get rid of the long queues and wait times by picking a time that suits you rather than having to move your day around an available appointment. There is no need to sign up or be a member of our dental clinics. You can simply book an emergency consultation and get our dentists up to speed on your medical history, so they are ready to help you. 

Be seen even while self-isolating

Due to the pandemic and general illness, you can never be sure when you may have to forgo a pre-booked appointment due to being unwell. Virtual emergency dentist appointments give you the ability to be seen if you are in a position of self-isolation without putting yourself or anyone else at risk.

Ability to prescribe

The virtual emergency dentist gives you the ability to remotely provide online prescriptions such as antibiotics that can be ready for you within minutes at your local pharmacy. Being prescribed antibiotics remotely is ideal for helping you receive quick relief in the case of tooth infections, wasting no time doing this yourself.


An emergency appointment out of regular working hours in other dental clinics would typically incur extra charges. This is not the case at The 247 Dentist. It will cost you £85 for a video dentist appointment inclusive of the price for issuing any prescriptions, not to mention the time and money saved on travel and potentially taking time off work. 

Dental emergencies can hit anyone at any time, and often a dentist must assess you promptly to prevent the situation from worsening. With experienced dentists and nurses treating thousands of dental emergencies a year, we’re prepared to help you with your online emergency dental appointment.

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