5 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Treatment

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You have broken or cracked a tooth

A chipped or broken tooth is the most common cause of needing emergency dental treatment. If you have a cracked or broken tooth, it is essential to visit an emergency dental clinic, as, in the case of major tooth breakage, it can result in intense pain and bleeding. 

If the chipped tooth is left untreated, it could result in further complications such as cutting your tongue on the sharp or jagged break. Similarly, some dangers of leaving a chipped tooth are that the root and nerve of your tooth can be left exposed, resulting in infections. 

You can break your teeth in countless ways, but it will never be at a convenient time. Whether it’s in the middle of the night, over the weekend or during the holidays, we are available for out of hours dental appointments across the UK to ensure you receive emergency dental treatment quickly and safely. Call us on 03301 759995 for face-to-face appointments or find your nearest dental clinic today!

Your pain is severe enough to stop you from continuing everyday activities

If you are experiencing extreme pain associated with your teeth or gums that prevents you from continuing everyday activities, it is not something to be taken lightly and can indicate a larger issue.

It’s especially important to get emergency dental treatment if you have a toothache that lasts more than two days and painkillers are not helping to subside the pain. Seeking immediate emergency dental care can help assess the cause of the pain and help remedy it.

Excessive bleeding or aching gums 

While some blood when brushing or flossing can be considered normal, you should seek emergency dental treatment if your gums bleed excessively and are aching for no apparent reason.  

Bleeding gums are a telltale sign of poor dental hygiene but can also be a sign of underlying health issues that require immediate attention. An emergency dentist appointment can perform an expert examination to determine the cause and then help treat the problem. 

Facial or gum swelling

If your cheek, jaw or gums are swollen, making it difficult to eat or speak, it is a sign that you may have an abscess caused by an infection. These need to be treated by removing the source of the infection and draining the abscess. 

A dentist can treat you in a number of ways, but all require immediate emergency dental care to prevent the infection from spreading. Our online dental consultations can help solve this issue with home care advice or even remotely prescribed antibiotics ready to be collected at your local pharmacy in just minutes.

Missing filling or crown

A crown or filling works to cover damage in your teeth, and losing them is not something to ignore. While you might only experience an odd taste in your mouth and some discomfort, waiting too long before getting your tooth refilled or another crown fitted could result in facing a much more serious procedure such as a root canal. 

You are more susceptible to infection with no protection as your tooth’s sensitive tissue is now exposed. This is the ideal breeding ground for bacterial infection, and you should receive emergency dental treatment as soon as possible. 

What To Do If You Need Emergency Dental Care

If you are experiencing any of the signs listed above, it’s important to seek emergency dental treatment as quickly as possible to prevent the situation from worsening. 

If your nearest 247 Dentist isn’t local, our emergency dentists are available across the UK via video consultations from the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you. Book a video consultation by calling 03301 656566 to get your symptoms professionally assessed. 

Unsure whether your symptoms are necessary for an emergency dental treatment? Check out the dental health advice our experts have created and see the list of home dental remedies you can apply yourself while you await your dentist’s diagnosis and treatment.

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