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Waiting for an appointment, or taking time out of your busy schedule is now a thing of the past. Out of hours dental appointments are available for those requiring a 24hr emergency dentist. This ensures you get the treatment you need, when you need it, without being forced to wait days before being seen by a medical professional. 

This service is ideal if you are experiencing extreme dental problems or have endured damage or trauma to the teeth and gums. If this applies to you, please do not hesitate to book an appointment today. 

Discover what is classed as a dental emergency, the benefits of out of hours dental care, when to visit a 24hr emergency dentist, and your alternative options if this service is unsuitable for you.

Benefits of Out of Hours Dental Care

A 24hr emergency dentist is ideal if you require immediate attention. With regular dental practices only operating during daytime office hours, it can be difficult to be seen urgently or get the time off required for your appointment. The only other alternative would be to wait days for your appointment – which is not ideal in an emergency situation.

With out of hours dental care you can be seen by a medical professional at any time, whether it be evenings, weekends or bank holidays. Meaning you get the correct urgent care to rectify your dental emergency sooner rather than later. 

Access to this care is pivotal – particularly when the dental emergency at hand is serious or there are time constraints that require immediate action. Resolving issues sooner rather than later can make a huge difference in the severity of your treatment, the final results, or need for additional dental care in the future. 

When to Visit a 24hr Emergency Dentist

The severity of your dental issues will determine when and where you should book your appointment.

24hr Emergency Dentist:

A 24hr emergency dentist should be seen in the event of a severe dental emergency. These services are ideal if you are suffering from extreme pain or dental trauma, infections or broken and lost teeth. Discover our fees page for more information treatments for dental emergencies, and the costs of visiting a 24hr emergency dentist. 

General Dentist:

Visit a general dentist for regular check-ups and minor issues such as small cavities. If your issue is not severe or paired with extreme and persistent pain it is best to book an appointment with a general dentist, or find an emergency dentist that operates during regular working hours. View our “find us” page for information on our dentists open during normal hours.


Accident and emergency should be visited if you are suffering from a serious or life threatening medical emergency – this includes trauma to the mouth, ongoing severe bleeding, or life threatening symptons such as choking, lost vision or the inability to breathe.

Find out more about when you should visit A&E vs. when you should see a 24hr emergency dentist.

Alternative Dental Appointments

If for whatever reason you are unable to visit a dental practice, we do offer alternative options to seeing a 24hr emergency dentist. 

Video Dentist:

Video dentist appointments are perfect if you are unable to visit a clinic, or if our emergency dentists are not yet available at a location near you. 

During your video appointment you can speak on-on-one over a secure, private video call with an expert dentist about the dental problems you are experiencing. During this time your dentist can then immediately prescribe medication to your local pharmacy if necessary, so you can confidently receive the treatment you need.

Find out more about our video dentist service.

Do you need to visit a 24hr emergency dentist? Find your nearest clinic to book an out of hours appointment today, or view our alternative options such as daytime appointments and video dentist consultations.

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