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It’s never good to need an emergency dentist appointment, but the timing is not favourable more often than not. In this case, it would be hugely beneficial to skip the long waiting list and see an out of hours emergency dentist as soon as possible.

At The 247 Dentist, our emergency dentists are available across the UK and video dentist appointments can be made for online emergency dental consultations, from any place in the UK, at any time. So you can speak directly to an emergency dentist as soon as possible, without the stress of waiting lists or disruption to your day.

What is a video dentist appointment?

If you are unable to visit an emergency dentist in person, a video dentist appointment is the ideal solution to prevent you from having to travel a considerable distance to get the help you need. 

A video dentist appointment gives you access to an expert dentist whenever you need one, from the comfort of your own home. This can be a great solution to quickly assess your dental concern, to help identify the problem and it’s urgency while providing treatment advice or even antibiotic prescriptions to your nearest pharmacy if necessary.

How do video dentist appointments work?

If you’re interested in booking a video dentist appointment, phone our video team on 03301 656566 to reserve a spot. Once you have booked your consultation with a virtual emergency dentist, you will receive a secure link to complete a medical history form that can bring the emergency dentist up to speed on your situation. This will enable them to provide you with appropriate advice and care specific to you.

When you have filled in the relevant form, you will receive an email confirming the time of your video dentist appointment along with a link that takes you to the video dentist waiting room. Your dentist will then let you into the consultation at the appropriate time, where your virtual emergency dentist appointment will last around 20 minutes.

Our emergency video dentist service uses world-leading secure encrypted technology to ensure privacy, allowing you to describe your dental problems to our online dentists confidently. They can examine you by looking and listening to your symptoms on the screen to help solve the problem or advise you about the urgency of your situation and even remotely prescribe antibiotics. 

How do you prepare for an online dental consultation

Ensure that you are logged into the waiting room at least 10 minutes before your video dentist appointment, to allow you to solve any technical difficulties issues you may encounter before starting the dental consultation. 

If there are any technical problems with your video link the dentist will contact you, so please make sure you have access to the email address and mobile phone that you provided when you booked your online dentist appointment. 

The online dental consultation works on either a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, and there is no requirement for you to download any apps or software.  

Assure that you have a good internet connection and are in a well-lit area with little background noise as the dentist will need to see and hear you clearly. 

It can be helpful to prepare two spoons to retract your cheeks and lips during the consultation to help the dentist see inside your mouth. You could even request the help of a friend to hold your mobile phone and film you for the duration of your video dentist appointment.

When should you book a dental appointment online?

Dental emergencies can present themselves in any form and at any time. It’s important to get assessed promptly to prevent your condition from worsening. 

If you have a dental issue and are unable to visit an emergency dentist face to face, it would be best to book an online emergency dental appointment to ensure you are treated quickly and efficiently. Our team are all experienced dentists with years of experience managing dental emergencies. You will be in good hands.

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