How to Relieve Toothache When You Can’t Access an Emergency Dentist

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The 247 Dentist is available to provide urgent appointments and emergency dental care in Southampton and the surrounding areas. However, if you’re unable to visit a dental clinic, we’re here to offer some guidance on how you can relieve toothaches and pains at home.

How to Relieve Toothache at Home?

Toothaches are not uncommon and are usually nothing to worry about. However, if you’re experiencing severe pain and cannot make an emergency dental appointment, there are steps you can take reduce your toothache:

  • Avoid extreme temperatures; meaning try to avoid your intake of hot drinks and frozen foods like ice cream.
  • Keep the area cold using a cool pack, if you use this method be sure to apply it to your cheek. Do not apply ice directly to the tooth as this will increase the pain and potentially cause further damage.
  • Avoid sugary or extremely acidic foods like carbonated drinks and sweets, as they can aggravate the pain.
  • Gently massaging you gums can help to ease the pain.
  • Take an over the counter paracetamol (be sure to follow the consumption instructions and do not take more within the timeframe given).

These tips are ideal for short-term relief and prevention. If your toothache persists, you may need emergency dental care. View our full range of urgent care dental services and contact us to book an appointment.

How to Deal with Wisdom Tooth Pain at Home

Toothaches caused by wisdom teeth is another common dental problem. Fortunately, you can remedy it at home until you’re able to book an emergency dental appointment.

While you’re waiting for urgent dental care, we recommend doing the following:

  • Regular saltwater rinses with warm water.
  • Continue to keep your wisdom teeth clean, avoiding brushing will have long-term consequences that may result in more dental care in the future.
  • Using a cool pack and over the counter paracetamol as suggested for managing toothaches and pains.

If the pain caused from your wisdom teeth is causing swelling, difficulty swallowing or problems with opening your mouth then it is essential that you book an emergency dental appointment as soon as possible.

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Severe toothaches and pains should not be treated at home. If you’re experiencing ongoing, severe pain it may be an indicator that you require urgent dental care.

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