Can I book an appointment at any out-of-hours dentist near me?

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Needing to get in touch with your nearest emergency dentist is easier than some may realise. We understand the importance of needing to see a professional which is why the booking process is as smooth and as simple as possible.

How do I get in touch with an out-of-hours dentist near me?

When experiencing oral issues, needing a professional’s guidance and expertise is key to your improved pain levels – as well as the healing of the problem at hand.

To cover the largest radius within the UK, we have a number of 247 dentist clinics in specifically selected areas. If you’re starting to wonder, ‘Can I book in at any out of hours dentist near me? – we can assure you that all clinics are open to any client. This allows us to help those who need it most without the need for extended travelling. 

To get in touch with your nearest emergency dentist, we recommend you call us at 03301 759995. Doing so will put you in contact with our booking team who can recommend a time and place for you to see a professional.

The issues we can assist with

A number of common issues which we can cover during an emergency appointment are:

  • Toothache
  • Swelling
  • Broken Teeth
  • Trauma
  • Lost Crown or Bridge

…as well as other areas determined during the booking and appointment process. In a large majority of cases, a fix or solution can be found during the emergency dentist appointment. This is because our expert dentists have years of experience in dealing with serious cases, being able to offer their knowledge to correct the problem as quickly and as accurately as possible in a short time scale.

There are however some areas which we aren’t able to help with, despite our level of expertise, so attending your closest A&E department would be recommended. If you would like to find out which areas are more suited to the hospital, we suggest reading a previous blog we have constructed – ‘What is considered an emergency dental situation?’.

Are you unable to visit one of our clinics? Not to worry – video consultations are a possibility with us. We will be able to advise, to the best of our ability, through the use of your video camera. If further work or assistance needs to be carried out, visiting our clinics would be essential.

The process during an emergency dentist appointment

During the appointment at your nearest emergency dentist, your case will be investigated and a solution would be suggested by our professionals. Knowing the level of pain, the physical issue which needs to be rectified and the healing process are key areas our professionals are experienced in.

As there could be further underlying issues causing the reason to visit us, all details regarding oral care and the injury/issue will need to be brought to light by the client.

Can the fix to my issue be performed during my appointment?

In a large number of cases, the fixing of the problem and the aftercare can be targeted and rectified within the appointment. Our dentists at your nearest emergency dentist will be able to provide key areas to take care of the recently fixed issues as well as ways to prevent further complications in the future. Of course, the level of care our professionals will need to take to correct the reason for your visit will entail a varied fee amount. Full information can be found on our website.

Get in touch

For further information or to get booked in at your nearest emergency dentist, be sure to get in touch. The question ‘Can I book in at any out of hours dentist near me?’ will sure to be answered.

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