How quickly can I be seen by an emergency dentist?

Dental Health Advice

Occasionally a dentistry emergency may happen, in which case you would need to see a professional dentist as soon as possible. Getting in touch shouldn’t be a hard task. Here, at 24/7 Dentist, we strive to make that process as easy as possible through our out of hours emergency clinics around the UK.

Issues we’re able to cover at our clinics

Our clinics are well-suited to deal with many issues around the clock. These issues could include – but aren’t limited to:

  • Toothache
  • Swelling
  • Broken Teeth
  • Trauma
  • Lost crown or bridge
  • Other Advice

Being able to support surrounding communities with their oral issues gives us great pride in what we do. We know that sometimes pain can get too much or you might even just need some advice to get through a situation you’re currently dealing with. Our emergency dentist experts are able to provide the best course of action to get your tooth and gum health back on track.

Our clinic locations

Through our development and expansion over recent years, we’ve been able to either open new clinics or operate out of existing ensuring round-the-clock available dentistry care.

Ranging from Birmingham to Southampton, we’ve been able to help many in need of attention within working hours or outside of working hours. If you’re currently in need of any assistance, feel free to browse our list of clinics and find the most convenient to you.

We are also in the business of expanding. This means we are looking to open further locations in the future. If there isn’t currently a clinic near your location, one may be soon so be sure to check in and view our current list of clinics.

Video Appointments

If you aren’t able to make a face-to-face appointment with one of our emergency dental specialists, we also offer the possibility of video appointments. Our video appointments are also available as round-the-clock appointments ensuring your care comes first.

The video appointments are in place to give people the opportunity to gain advice on their issues and receive home care advice. Our expert emergency dentists have the ability to remotely prescribe antibiotics ready for you within minutes at your local pharmacy.

Using world-leading encrypted video technology, you’re able to safely and securely talk to an expert whilst they examine you by looking and listening to your symptoms on the screen.

How to get in touch

Getting in touch is simple. We ensure it’s as easy as possible to find a 24/7 dentist when you’re in need of expert knowledge.

Due to our constantly expanding number of clinics, including Manchester & Sheffield, we can easily be contacted by phone where a date and time can be organised. Ringing 03301 759995 will get you through to our operators who will help you get booked in to see our knowledgeable team. 

Through this number, you can choose either a face-to-face or a video appointment.

Need further information or guidance?

If you’re looking for any further information or guidance ahead of seeing one of our emergency dentists, our website has a wealth of knowledge to assist you in a time of need. 

As well as the services which we cover, we also feature our dentistry fees and dental advice section.

Our advice section contains many blogs and pieces of content which can provide some information regarding what to do in certain circumstances, how to care for your teeth and other pieces of useful information surrounding oral care.

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