Looking after your teeth after an appointment

Dental Health Advice

Depending on the level of work which you may have experienced at one of our emergency dentist clinics, various care plans will be recommended to you. The plans could range from typical daily brushing and flossing to additional painkillers to level any longer-lasting pain you could be experiencing.

Preparing for your appointment

When booking your appointment, there are a couple of specific areas we suggest to all our patients ahead of coming into the clinic:

  • Giving your teeth a good clean.
  • Try not to eat too close to your appointment, especially if you get unsettled during an appointment.

The suggestions are largely based on previous experience as well as allowing the appointment to proceed as smoothly as possible. If you are unsure of any areas ahead of your visit, feel free to get in touch and our experts will be able to provide clarity where needed.

Typical oral care after a clinic visit

The level of aftercare needed completely depends on the type of procedure which was carried out. Each person’s oral health and teeth/gum situation is unique. Due to this, we have to treat each patient individually and are unable to provide specific advice without a consultation. Basic care can be recommended however it is best to receive a checkup and understand the process of looking after your teeth in an optimal way.

Basic care

Looking after your teeth through typical daily cleaning can be a main contributor to optimal mouth healing. Brushing and flossing can protect the mouth from infections and other unwanted outcomes. Where needed, our experts will inform you if it is best to avoid any daily techniques, such as mouthwash, as it could be a bit too strong during the initial recovery stages.

Additional pain support

Our dentistry professionals have the ability and authority to prescribe medication when needed. This could include stronger painkillers and anti-inflammatories if the procedure was invasive, causing more irritation within the mouth than usual.

If you’re experiencing any issues

Carrying out proper aftercare ensures you get back to your normal self as soon as possible. We understand that there are however times when the recovery process may not go to plan at no fault of the patient. 

Infections and other issues may happen from time to time and if that happens to you, we recommend to get in touch with us. We will be able to recommend actions to get you back on track and healed as soon as possible.

If needed, we may ask you to come back in so we can have a close look at the current position of the recovery and make amends.

Booking your check-up

After a procedure, it is always recommended to get in touch with us and book a check-up. The primary reason for a check-up is so our dentists can review the standing of the procedure, ask how the recovery is going and, if needed, provide advice in areas to get you back to 100% as soon as possible. Looking after your teeth seems easy, however, it’s best to receive additional assistance if you feel it would be worth it.

Typically a check-up is recommended to be with the same clinic as the procedure was carried out however you are able to visit any of our 247 emergency dentist clinics. We work off the basis where our doors are always open, no matter your location.

Seeing us for the first time

We understand visiting a dentist can feel daunting to some but we’re here to level those initial thoughts. Our dentists are not only trained professionals but have the ability to reassure new and existing patients that the procedures we carry out are led with experience and knowledge in mind. 

We care for our patients in the same way we would like to be cared for. Inspiring confidence within our check-ups and other reasons for your visits best negate the worries and insecurities you may have.
If you are looking to book a check-up, discuss a procedure or would like some advice, feel free to get in touch with your nearest 247 emergency dentist clinic today.

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