How Much Do Emergency Dentist Appointments Cost?

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Emergency dentist prices often vary depending on the severity of your case and the treatment you require. At The 247 Dentist we offer both in person emergency dentist appointments and video dentist appointments. 

To better understand our specific emergency dentist prices, view our 2022 treatment fees. Here we list the approximate pricing for emergency dental treatments. However, please remember that these numbers may vary due to your unique symptoms and dental circumstances, as well as the time of day the emergency dental appointment is booked for.

Video Emergency Dentist Prices

Video dentist appointments are a great way to see an expert for those times when you are unable to make a face to face appointment, or if there is not an emergency dentist local to your area.

These appointments start from £85, during which you will speak privately one on one with a fully qualified emergency dentist. Here you can discuss your dental problems and if necessary, show your dentist your teeth via video. 

This price includes prescriptions referred to your nearest pharmacy (please note you will still be required to pay for the medication itself once you go to collect your prescription). 

In some instances your video dentist may recommend that you visit an emergency dentist in person if they believe your case requires immediate treatment, or if antibiotics may not be enough to resolve the issue. If so, you will have to book an in-clinic appointment separately and therefore must pay the booking fee for a face to face consultation.

Discover the benefits of our video dentist appointments, or book your session with an emergency dentist online today!

Face to Face Emergency Dentist Prices

Emergency dentist prices fluctuate slightly depending on your case, and fees may also vary depending on the time and date of your appointment, and the treatment you undergo. 

Typically, emergency dentist prices for common treatments and surgeries at The 247 Dentist in 2022 are as follows:

  • Emergency Dental Appointments from £75 – £500
  • X-Rays from £25 – £60
  • Wisdom Teeth Treatments from £20 – £75
  • Bridges, Crowns and Veneers from £60 – £160
  •  Treatment for Abscesses and Infections from £20 – £170
  • Tooth Extractions from £135 – £350
  • Dental Fillings from £75 – £199

PLEASE NOTE: These emergency dentist prices act as a guideline and are not set. These prices may be subject to change, this will be identified and confirmed during your appointment. 

For more information, get in touch to book your emergency dentist appointment. Find your nearest location or book a video dentist appointment to speak with an expert online.

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